The art of William Fletcher

William Fletcher (right) with Gwen Plumb (centre), and an unidentified person, at an exhibition promotion c1970

William Fletcher painted cityscape, figurative, and wildflower studies. He is represented in the collections of the Australian National Gallery, SH Ervin Gallery of the National Trust, Newcastle Regional Gallery, Rockhampton Gallery, the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney), Australian government collections such as that in the Australian Parliament House, Canberra, and in major private and corporate collections such as the Murdoch (News Limited) Collection and the Ken Hinds Collection (Queensland).

In the estimation of many, he is one of the finest painters of Australian wildflowers this country has produced, combining botanical accuracy of detail with groupings and settings that are evocative of the harsh conditions of bush and desert, in paintings marked by their draughtsmanship and fine colour.

Several are in private collections in Australia and overseas. As cherished, evocative and colourful paintings of a domestic genre, their public appearance is a relative rarity. It is anticipated that the few remaining wildflower paintings of the Fletcher estate will be released over the next few years and that the relative rarity of Fletcher’s beautiful wildflower studies will generate greater interest.

By 2006, 488 known works by William Fletcher have been confirmed. A total of 256 are Australian wildflower studies, 83 are figurative (including rodeo and circus), 70 are streetscapes, 56 involve traditional flower groups and still life studies and the remaining 23 involve abstract, fantasy or religious subjects.

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