William Fletcher Foundation Directors

Patron: Shane Simpson AM

Directors: Christopher Puplick AM (Chair), James Bell (Deputy Chair, Honorary Treasurer), Ellen Borda (Deputy Chair, Honorary Company Secretary), Dr Christopher Allen, Trevor Andersen, Terence Clarke AM, Edwina Cowdery, Roger Gimblett, Kevin Mackay

The Directors bring to the Foundation expertise from a variety of backgrounds such as the law, educational administration, teaching, tertiary lecturing in art, art criticism, Gallery administration, theatre and music direction, art consultancy and accounting.

All directors provide their service on an honorary basis.

An Art Policy Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of Dr Christopher Allen, comprises previous directors Liz Gibson (ret. 2008), Michelle Hiscock (ret. 2008) and Brian Ladd (ret. 2008), along with Jonathan Cooper, Terence Clarke AM and Trevor Andersen.

Former Trustees and Directors

Last amended February 2019