Tax-deductible donations to the William Fletcher Foundation
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The William Fletcher Foundation (previously Trust) was established in memory of the Sydney artist William Fletcher (1924–1983), to assist the development and advancement of young artists in need.

You can help make a difference. The majority of artists in Australia spend most of their lives eking out a subsistence living. Few earn the financial success or are awarded the public status of our young athletes. Even those few that do make it to the top can usually only claim a modest income (if the sum total of their productivity is averaged over the years that they have struggled to achieve public recognition). It is a known fact that most artists put back into the community far more than they might receive. They are one of the first to be called upon to make a donation (of their work) when raising money for schools, the arts, charity and community projects. Artists shape our cultural identity and help make us recognisably Australian. You can feel proud to help support the future of art and artists in our country by making a donation to the William Fletcher Foundation.

In some cases grants have been instrumental in assisting highly talented art students to complete their courses, who otherwise might have abandoned their studies because of financial hardship.

Donations of $2.00 or more to the William Fletcher Foundation are tax deductible. The William Fletcher Foundation is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations, which is maintained under subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act, 1997.

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