The William Fletcher tertiary grants for talented young artists

Instructions for 2021

There is a minimum grant of $1000 to successful candidates. We may award up to 30 grants.

Since 1988, grants totalling over $400,000 have been distributed to over 500 highly talented students of the visual arts, to assist them to continue their studies.

Student eligibility

You are eligible as a student to apply for a grant if...

Either photography or computer-generated art may be one of your majors, but neither in its own right is an eligible discipline for this Grant, although either may be included as a minor element of a work (eg, a collage) submitted for assessment.

Assisting institutions

Students at the following 4 institutions have a staff support contact for the William Fletcher Foundation grant process in 2021:
• National Art School • National Institute of Dramatic Art • Southern Cross University • University of Newcastle (Fine Arts and Natural Illustration disciplines)

Students at other institutions may apply but evidence of a current enrolment must be provided.


The Head of School in each of the assisting institutions has nominated a member of staff to be the Contact person who will help you, if necessary. See below.

Download an application form
(22 KB Microsoft Word doc, file name: ‘WFF-application-2021.doc’)

Nominate in which one of your majors you are applying for a grant: painting; drawing; printmaking; illustration; stage & costume design.

Give evidence of both:

  1. Financial or other hardship – answer the relevant parts of the Application Form
  2. Achievement – supply photocopies of academic transcripts for two most recent years. Include an attachment (such as a PowerPoint document) with examples of 2 of your recent works. This may be from the final work in 2020. These must be adequately labelled with your name, title of the work, dimension and media. Your school contact may help you with this.

Send the completed application form and transcript photocopies by Friday 30 April 2021 by email to:



All information supplied is considered in the strictest confidence.

After determination of awards

  1. The Secretary advises you by the end of May of the result of your application.
  2. The Secretary requests successful grantees to provide their banking details for direct deposit of funds, unless a cheque is preferred.
  3. If the grantee requests a cheque, the contact will distribute this, as it will be necessary to sign a receipt, as required by our auditors.
  4. Certificates of Grant are presented later in the year at a suitable occasion on campus.

Institutions and contacts

Institution Contact(s)
National Art School John Bloomfield, BFA (Hons) Co-ordinator
National Institute of Dramatic Art Anthony Whelan
Southern Cross University Dr Stephen Garrett, Coordinator of Visual Arts
University of Newcastle Natural History Illustration:
Andrew Howells


Last amended 22 March 2021