Nicole Kelly, Bundanon Residency Awardee

The value of this residency is really quite difficult to justly describe. The landscape was so potent, each day working silently on me, working its way inside me. I drew, read, wrote and painted each day of my three weeks, from first light until last. I have not previously experienced such a clarity in focus. I had access to the etching press that opened up many possibilities for me, providing the opportunity to explore compositional ideas and different forms of mark-making. I was able to work on a large scale due to the size of the studio and realise an extremely large work, to be constructed to form a ‘screen’, that I had been thinking of for some time. I also developed some special friendships with artists spanning various art forms, with continued dialogue after the residency.

A truly special place and time and I am so very grateful to the William Fletcher Foundation and to Bundanon Trust.

– Nicole Kelly

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Nicole Kelly, Boyd’s river 2015. Oil on polyester, 122.5 x 215 cm
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Nicole Kelly, Bundanon landscape 2015. Oil on polyester, 102 x 107 cm