Wildflowers in gouache

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Banksias (serrata) 1973
unsigned, gouache (acrylic) on board, 59.5 x 44.5cm, redefined to 56 x 40cm, or 52.5 x 36.5cm, CatTJA#849
Helichrysum, Craspedia and Hibbertia in vase 1983
unsigned, gouache on board, 46.5 x 38.5cm, CatTJA#928
Rhododendron (lochae) 1973
signed, gouache on gaper 44.5 x 35 cm, CatTJA#859
Alpine flowers III 1978
unsigned, gouache on board 63.5 x 46 cm, ExtCat#958
Murray Valley lily & Kennedia 1973
signed, acrylic/oil on paper 55 x 50 cm, CatTJA#848
Grevillea banksii and fruit 1977
signed, gouache on Fabriano paper 39 x 33 cm, CatTJA#894
Comesperma. Oxylobium, Philotheca and Clematis 1974
signed, oil on paper, 45 x 35 cm, CatTJA#871
Tea tree 1973
signed, gouache on paper 45.5 x 35.5cm, CatTJA#855
Crotalaria & Craspedia 1973
signed, gouache on paper, 40.5 x 33cm, CatTJA#851
Black bean (Kennedia nigricans) 1973
signed, gouache on paper, 44.5 x 35 cm, CatTJA#857

Note about catalogue annotations

CatTJA# indicates the catalogue number in the book William Fletcher by Trevor Andersen 1983.

ExtCat# indicates the number in the Extended Catalogue for artworks identified since 1983, to be found in the 2006 book, William Ernest Fletcher 1928–1983: Australian Wildflowers, Still Life and Streetscapes, prepared for an exhibition at Australian Galleries.

A few of Fletcher’s paintings are still available for possible release through his executor, Trevor Andersen. Serious collectors may contact him by email at info@williamfletcheroundation.org.au

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