Wildflowers in oils

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Christmas bells and flannel flowers c1970
unsigned, oil on canvas 38x46cm, ExtCat#945
Signal Banksias 1976
signed, oil on canvas 100x100cm, CatTJA#888
Wildflowers, everlastings 1978
unsigned, oil on Masonite 55.5 x 50.5cm, CatTJA#896
Waratahs in vase 1981–82
unsigned, oil on canvas 96.8 x 73.2cm, CatTJA#926, Ref. Newcastle Region Art Gallery (1991.25)
Banksia and gompholobium c1969
unsigned, oil on hardboard 54 x 43cm, ExtCat# 940
Sturt desert pea 1970
signed, oil and gold leaf on masonite 28 x 44cm, CatTJA# 774

Note about catalogue annotations

CatTJA# indicates the catalogue number in the book William Fletcher by Trevor Andersen 1983.

ExtCat# indicates the number in the Extended Catalogue for artworks identified since 1983, to be found in the 2006 book, William Ernest Fletcher 1928–1983: Australian Wildflowers, Still Life and Streetscapes, prepared for an exhibition at Australian Galleries.

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