Terms and conditions for the Rome residency

  1. Decisions
    Decisions made by the William Fletcher Foundation are final and no correspondence will be entered into. (However, see 2.)
  2. Ineligible applicants
    Applicants deemed ineligible will be informed by the end of July, with reasons. Their work may not be considered further.
  3. Timetable
    Adjudication of eligible applicants will be completed by early August and the finalists will be contacted. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the middle of August.
  4. Limited rights assigned
    The right for the William Fletcher Foundation to reproduce (in print, on our website, or through other media) the finalists’ displayed works for twelve (12) months from notification will be sought from them at the time of delivery, and they will be asked to assign such rights in writing.
  5. Transport and insurance of works
    Each finalist will be financially responsible for the delivery and removal of works and for insurance against loss or damage during transport or display. William Fletcher Foundation will take due care of works while on display, but will accept no responsibility for loss or damage.